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November 2022

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Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
The Fountain

Editorial: Being a Child of the Time

The idiom “being a child of one’s time,” or rather “being a child of the moment,” offers food for thought. In Islamic mysticism, a seeker of Truth is expected to focus on the moment. The past is gone,... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Enchanting Nights

When the sun sets and everyone returns home, a silence envelops the streets from all sides. Everything turns quiet, and the night begins to speak in a way only the people of the night understand. How ... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Onur Stevens


Trust is a concept that is the foundation for everything we do in our lives. We utilize trust to establish and maintain our interactions with our family members, friends, business associates, other me... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Numan Erciyes

Anthocyanins and Their Role in Our Colorful World

When the first color TV entered in our lives in the 1980s, it made a huge difference. It was only a few of our neighbors who had one, and we always wanted to go to him to watch cartoons in color, whic... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Irfan Yilmaz

Saliva and Its Healing Secrets

We learn from the history of religions that Prophets performed miracles, by God’s permission, to convince their people into faith. By God’s leave, Abraham was not hurt when he was thrown into the fire... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Cevdet Selim

Modeling in Science and Education

We are witnessing technological advancements far faster than any other time in history. We are able to use many of them in our daily lives: computers, smart phones, and cars come with new features tha... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Journeying and Initiation

In the language of Sufism, when used together, sayr u suluk (journeying and initiation) denotes becoming free of bodily and animal appetites to a certain extent within the framework of certain princip... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Omer Pamuk

“Taught Adam the Names”

When God Almighty stated that He would place the human as His vicegerent / steward on earth, the angels endeavored to understand the truth of the matter. They asked, “Will You set therein one who will... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Lawrence Brazier

Personal Ethics

One may feel inclined to avoid the obvious, but most thinking readers and writers will say that the defining factor of our century is fundamentalism. And yet, there is something that goes hand-in-hand... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Didem Firtina

Sea Sheep

Sea sheep is a cute and cuddly animal, which could have been appropriately called “leaf sheep,” for it really looks like a sheep among lush green leaves. It is also called the solar periwinkle. What i... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
Albert Frolov

Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim Theology

The liberating document of Vatican Council II, Nostra Aetate, stirred up an enormous interest in interfaith inquiry. One of the distinctive modern Catholic voices belongs to David Burrell (b. 1933), a... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
The Fountain

Motivation and Sincerity

  How can one keep their motivation and sincerity while doing good works and services—and keep it as fresh as at the beginning? What can be done to inspire new generations to devote their lives to lo... read more..

Issue 150 (Nov - Dec 2022)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 150)

How much sleep is good for health? Sabie S et al. Association of sleep duration at age 50, 60, and 70 years with risk of multimorbidity in the UK: 25-year follow-up of the Whitehall II cohort study. ... read more..

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