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The Door Half-Opened
Jan 1, 1997

What imaginations those coming to this world nourish!

Imaginations as sweet as the joy felt at religious festivals!

And yet the first step taken into the world is also the first step

those who have come to the world take toward the Last Abode.

At the same time as a bitter wind blows in the neighbouring house,

the fragrance of spring is felt in the maternity hospital.

It is inevitable for one who has come to this world

to travel on to the eternal world, to the grief of those around him.

The mind fails into a void as wide and deep as skies,

Lightning strikes feelings deep in his heart, and man

finds himself dragged toward a place unknown.

He shivers with what he hears and is driven to frenzy.

As he advances in pains left from his life

far away from the shores where he once lived,

as he blindly limps through the pits in his soul,

he finds himself dragged into a dark Inlet.

Finally that deep sleep comes to an end,

And it is seen that life is but an illusion.

Dreams end. Day begins to dawn in the real world.

One shivers as if the Last Trumpet’s been blown.

He moves on, looking first ahead and then back;

his old world destroyed, the new as yet unknown.

Death lifts up, one after the other, the veils

before the other world rising as silently as the full moon.

The spirit is surprised, man is startled in fear.

Throngs of men are dragged with no obstacles before them.

You think them like leaves scattered around,

Like leaves blowing in a strong, powerful wind.

They hasten forward with eyes fixed on a point,

where time is no more, no sounds of clocks heard.

There is no returning back, even if they want to.

A different ground, different skies, and signs of the final truth.